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What is TeeFury Insiders Program about?

This is our rewards program!

What are the benefits of TeeFury Insiders Program?

Earn rewards, free gifts, and cash to use towards future purchases. Look at our VIP section to see the benefits by level/tier.

What is the difference between each level?

You unlock different levels with increased spending. Each level has different perks/benefits as outlined below. Novice. Earn 5 Tokens for Every $1 Spent. Sign Up Bonus. Surprise Birthday Gift. ---------------------------------------------------------

Who is eligible to join the program?

Anyone is eligible. You must create a log in to participate.

How do I join TeeFury Insiders Program?

Log in or create an account on our site. Once logged in, you will see the TeeFury Insiders button on the bottom left hand of your screen. You can access the dashboard there along with all information related to the program.

How can I start collecting tokens?

There are a few ways to collect tokens including following us on social, sharing our content, signing up for our newsletter, and of course, spending money on your favorite designs!

How can I opt out?

As long as you have created an account on our website, you are automatically enrolled. You can choose not to engage with the rewards program.

When do my tokens expire?

Tokens will expire 12 months from when you earned them on a rolling basis.

Where can I see how many tokens I have earned?

At the bottom left-hand corner of your screen, you will see the button for TeeFury Insiders. Log in and you can find all your activity here. Also, each time you earn tokens, you will receive an email with this information.

When can I get into the different tiers of the VIP Program?

Spend levels for each tier are calculated each calendar year and benefits stay for the remainder of the calendar year plus the following calendar year. For example, once you are enrolled and spend more than $60 this year, then you will enjoy the bene

How does the TeeFury Referral Program works?

It’s really simple. Log in to the TeeFury Insiders Rewards program (button on the left bottom of the screen), go to the referral section and share your personalized link. As long as the person you referred to uses this link to make their first purcha

Is there a minimum order value for the referral coupon?

Yes, there is a minimum spend of $30 to use the discount code.

How do I get my discount code once I refer a friend?

Once the person you referred uses your link to place their first order, then you will receive an email with your discount code.